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Fully Funded Solar PV

Save up to 40% on electricity costs!


What is Solar PV?

Solar panels are installed either on top of, or into, your existing roof space and collect sunlight which turns it into energy to feed the electricity needs of your business.

Solar energy is totally silent, non-polluting, very low maintenance and easy to install.

Best of all, it brings peace of mind and a healthy supplement into your savings.

Solar energy on your roof space offers the potential to reduce costly energy bills by as much as 40%, whilst actively demonstrating your environmental and social commitment.

Ideally your roof should face south and have a pitched angle of between 30 – 50 degrees to give the best possible performance, you can still achieve a performance rate of 90% on a west facing roof tilting 20 degrees.

You must admit, it doesn’t look good for traditional fuels – or for our bills!

Fuels such as coal, oil and gas are all due to run out and the bills we pay for using them are set to keep rising as they will become scarcer.

More and more businesses are finding the answer to the ever-growing prices via solar energy (power from the sun).

Solar energy is the energy of the future, its clean (no carbon dioxide or radioactive emissions), its much cheaper to run and in return will give you money to spend on other assets to your business.

So, being solar smart is good for the planet and your pocket.


Case Studies

Perth Honda Garage

30Kw system installed in Feb 19′. Great install facing south which was spread over 2 roof areas. 5 year payback which equates to 20% annual return on investment. Total savings over 20 years is upwards of £140,000! Check out the design then pics below!

Winter & Simpson, Dundee.

50Kw system installed in Feb 19′. Fantastic looking install with East/West split over multiple pitches. Client opted for the ‘pay as you save‘ finance which uses savings and income to cover the costs! Cash positive from day 1 and between savings and income from feed in tariff, client is saving in the region of £200,000. Check out the design then pics below!

Other ongoing/completed projects

300Kw Design for a large engineering company on the east coast of Scotland.

Another more difficult install for our friends over at Honda. This one in Broughty Ferry was backing onto a railway line and had a tight timeline to fit into for our customer. We managed to complete this to a high standard and the client was happy to get another property of theirs generating their own electricity to be used on site.

Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Save up to 80% on hot water costs!

The aluminium thermodynamic panel facilitates the evaporation of the refrigerant liquid as energy is absorbed from the surrounding air.

  1. This process transforms the refrigerant liquid into a gas, which carries the collected energy, in the form of heat.
  2. The Solar Assisted Heat Pump compresses the gas, further increasing the heat of the refrigerant simultaneously, a water pump pulls cold water from the cylinder into the SAHP.
  3. The heat energy from the refrigerant is transferred to the circulating water via the heat exchanger.
  4. This process cylces until the water within the cylinder reaches 55°c.
  5. Once this is achieved the system goes into standby mode.


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